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Jin-Soo Kwon
07 October 2010 @ 02:35 am

He wakes with a start in the middle of the night, his head pounding so hard, he can barely move for a moment. He coughs hard, bending at the waist. He forces himself out of bed, making his way out of his house, stumbling on to the lawn. He had to move fast, which would prove difficult in the dark. He hears it again- screaming, so loud and painful. He flinches against the sound, the pain in his head almost white hot.

No, no I'm coming Sun, I'm coming. he mumbles feverishly in Korean.

By some miracle, he makes it into the station. He grabs a walkee, stuffing it into the wasteband of his jeans and pulls a rifle from the shelf.

The Others...they had her, thats why she was gone. He can here her pleading in his head, "Help me, please come, they're going to kill me"

He steps out of the barracks when he hears her scream again. He covers his hands with his ears, the sound so deafening, he falls to his knees on the grass.

"SUN." he yells, terrified. He couldn't let this happen

Jin-Soo Kwon
21 September 2010 @ 03:24 pm

He props up his head with his hand, starting blankly at the monitors in front of him. (Looking but not really watching.) He's felt progressively worse over the course of his night shift, and now it's just getting ridiculous. At first he blames the lack of sleep, but now his chest feels tight and he feels like a radiator.

He sighs. This is ridiculous, he doesn't even remember the last time he was sick.

A bead of sweat runs into his eye and he notices (after ignoring it for so long) that he's sweating profusely. (Yes, more than usual on a tropical island.) He stands up to go wash his face off and nearly falls, a wave of faintness, more like a punch really, coming over him.

He shakes his head, almost stubbornly. No big deal.

He looks at his reflection in the mirror above the station sink. He doesn't look good. He mutters a curse in Korean before sitting back down.

It's nothing, he'll get over it.
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Jin-Soo Kwon
05 August 2010 @ 01:48 am
He's not sure how much longer he can keep this up. The disappointment must be killing him, he's sure of it. But here he is, yet again, aimlessly wandering through the jungle. Just hoping, praying that, for once, he'll get lucky and stumble upon his wife. He knows that there's more than a few words to describe this habit of his- pathetic, useless, foolish, dangerous, etc etc etc, but it was easy to chide him if you weren't the one looking for something.

He aimlessly meanders a few well-known paths, checking the battery on his walkie every once in awhile. He had to get lucky sooner or later. That's how he was found, by people wandering through the jungle...it could happen. He finds himself listening to every small sound, trying desperately not to raise his hopes too high. He didn't find her the last billion walks, why would he find her this time?
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Jin-Soo Kwon
22 July 2010 @ 12:03 am
It's pouring. Jin runs quickly through the village, a quickly dissolving paper bag clutched in his right hand. He gets to Sawyer's door and knocks, shaking some of the rain out of his hair. He realizes how long it's been since he talked to his close friend. He wonders what to call him. Sawyer, Jim, James? Obviously Lafleur wasn't necessary anymore, but he didn't know what his friend preferred these days.

CLUNK. He rolls his eyes and realizes that the Dharma beer he's rescued from his warm fridge have busted through the bag and are now rolling all over the porch. He scrambles to pick them up
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